About Covid-19

Sky Atlantic has implemented new policies and procedures designed to enhance the safety of our passengers and employees. We believe these measures prioritize health and safety. We look forward to re-connecting you to paradise!


Travel Requirements
  1. RT-PCR COVID- 19 Molecular Swab Test with Negative Result (Required until further Notice) from an accredited lab.

          Important Tips:

          The official laboratory report should include:

    • Accredited Lab name and/or address
    • Sample collection date
    • Type of COVID 19 test (PCR, NAA, NAAT, RNA, Molecular)
    • Negative or Not Detected result.
    • This test must be taken within a window of up to five (5) days before travel to The Bahamas. (Important to note: “Day One” is the actual test date).
    • Test results (Negative) must be uploaded to online travel health form  https://travel.gov.bs/ and presented upon arrival.  Anyone presenting a test over five (5) days upon arrival, will be denied boarding.
    • Bring a hard copy of your negative test results with you for airline check-in.

  1. Travel Health Visa
    • Forms must be filled out prior to travel. All Travelers must complete a Travel Health Visa application online at https://travel.gov.bs/
    • Each family member must apply (including children) and pay attention to the questions carefully when applying.
    • Allow for 24-72 hours to receive an automated response. Green (APPROVED), Yellow (PROCESSING)  or Red (DENIED and can reapply)
    • Bring a hard copy of your approved Travel Health Visa with you for airline check-in.

          Important tips:

    • Some lab test results are more than one page. ALL PAGES MUST BE PRESENTED FOR APPROVAL. Please create one PDF file as the system only allows for one document to be uploaded for approval when applying for a Travel Health Visa.
    • Children under 10 years old are exempt from needing a negative COVID test. However, you still must apply for a Travel Health Visa for them.

    1. Face Masks

Face masks are required at all times in the passenger lobby and for the duration of the flight. This is mandated by the government of the Bahamas.  Any passenger who takes off their mask in flight will be subject to a $500 government fine.